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Top 10 Best Netflix original series

 Top 10 Best Netflix original series  Netflix has revolutionized the entertainments dusrey. Netflix is an insanely popular media streaming service that is full of binge worthy shows and movies but they have also created their own original series. So let’s take a look at the top 10 best Netflix original series. Starting us off in at our Number 10 - Master of None . Aziz Ansari writes and stars in this hilarioussitcom that deals with the pressures of everyday life. His character takes on everything from datingapps, cultural stereotyping and trying to figure out his own life. It is absolutely hilarious and there are twoseasons of it currently on Netflix waiting for you to enjoy them.     Number 9 -we have Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt . This is a comedy show about a woman who escapesa doomsday cult after living 15 years in an underground bunker. So Kimmy Schmidt is a 30 year old woman who moves to New York after being rescued and we watch her as she tries to live in the modern world. She is

Top 10 investments to make money

 Top 10 investments to make money

 If invested right you can double this$1000 in seven years. What's up guys I'm Soham and if you've never invested before and you want a super beginner-friendly blog to break down some of your investment options then this blog was made for you. I'm gonna show you ten ways to invest $1,000 and I'll walk you through each tip step-by-step so that you'll  actually be able to start putting your money to work after reading this blog.
 The first way you can invest your $1,000is to invest it in an index fund. An index is a tool that quickly tells you how the stock market is doing. There are lots of indexes out there like the DowNasdaq and a Bunch of others but let's use the S&P 500 as an example because it's the most widely used stock market index. The S&P 500 is a sample set of the 500 largest companies all rolled up into one easy to read average price. So if you wanted to know how the US and other countries stock market performs in 2020, rather than looking up all 500 stocks individually you can just look up where the S&P where the S&P 500 started the year and end of the year and that would tell you how the stock market did in 2020. Although there's a lot more than 500 stocks in the United States there's actually three thousand six hundred and seventy one the S&P 500 is a pretty accurate barometer of how the overall USstock market is doing because it has the 500 largest US stocks. So back to index funds. An index fund is an investment vehicle that mirrors in index. Remember the S&P 500 index - it's just the calculated average of 500 different stock prices so you can't invest in the S&P 500 it's just a number but you can invest in an SP 500 index fund. When you invest in an S&P 500 index fund you immediately become a part owner in each of the 500 companies in that index. And if the S&P 500 index goes up 5% your investment in the index fund also goes up 5% if the SMP 500 goes down 5% your investment also goes down 5%. There's two really good reasons to invest in an index fund. The first reason is that you get safety in numbers - with an index fund you don't have to know how to pickstocks because the S&P 500 consists of 500 widely diversified stocks across different industries sectors and you don't have to be a genius to benefit from the wealth creating capabilities of the stock market. All you have to do toget on that long-term upward trend is to invest in an index fund. So if you're not interested in researching individual stocks then you have to rely onsafety in numbers. This strategy is also known as diversification and it works because although not all stocks go up over the long term, the overall marketdoes go up over the long term. The second reason is that index funds offer atomic reinvestment. This is really convenient. Once you make your initialone thousand dollar investment you'll probably want to keep adding to your best egg, so what you can do is set up automatic monthly contributions from your bank account and the index fund will reinvest this additional cash backinto the fund every single month at no additional cost, so you can literally just set it and forget it. Because everything is done for you. There's a few good S&P 500 index funds out there and it doesn't really matterwhich one you get - they all track the S&P 500 very closely and they're all verylow-cost. So here are two you can Google to jump start your research. SWPPX and FXAIX.
 The second way to invest your $1,000 is to invest in an ETF. ETF stands for exchange trading for and they're very similar to index funds. Just like index funds ETFs track an index and the only difference is in how they're traded. For example, SPY is an S&P 500 ETF that is the exact equivalent of the FXAIX (an S&P 500 index fund - the one that I just mentioned) and both of them are pooled investment vehicles that give you easy access to a large selection of stocks so you get access to hundreds and thousands of different stocks all with one easy purchase. But with the index fund you can only buy and sell your shares once a day, and with the ETF you can buy and sell anytime the stock market is open because it trades just like a stock. Some people prefer ETFs because they like being able to buy and sell their shares whenever they want and but however a big downside to ETF is that they don't offer automatic reinvestment so if you want to keep adding to your portfolio every month with an ETF you'd have to buy more shares of that ETF every month without additional money otherwise your cash will just sit there and  will probably incur commissions and fees so if you just want something toset it and forget it and it'll just automatically getreinvested every month then you should just go with index funds.
 The third way to invest your $1,000 is to invest using a robo advisor app. Now there's a lot of these new apps out there and they make it super convenient for you to invest. Some of them are Stash Betterment Acorns Ellevest Wealth front and the best part is none of them really have any investment minimums so with $1,000you're definitely good to go. These apps make it super easy - you hook-up your bank, transfer over some money and boom your money gets invested in one of their cookie cutter portfolios that are professionally designed. Out of all the appsI love Acorns - it has a really cute easy-to-use user interface and it hasthis feature where you can link up your credit card or debit card and it'llround up every purchase you make and invest that spare change into your portfolio so if you really have a hard time saving any money then this could bea good way to just get started all these apps essentially do the same thing they'll just ask you some basic questions about your age your financial goals and your time horizon and then based on your answers they create a investor profile for you and they'll put your money into a pre-packaged portfolio tailored to your investor profile these pre-packaged portfolios combine a handful of ETFs that will give you well-rounded exposure to a variety of stocks and bonds it's important to note that acorns gives you and other apps like acornsgive you very little control over your portfolio so you only get to choose between their pre-packaged portfolios and you can't just buy whatever individuals Rock you want so it's the same with all the apps you're basically giving upcontrol in exchange for convenience and simplicity so if you want to put your money to work and not have to think about it too much and you really don't want to take the time to learn to do it on your own then definitely consider investing with one of these apps
 the fourth way to invest is to invest in stocks using the magic formula now if you're more of the DIY type you might prefer investing in individual stocks and you probably know this but the stock market right now is that all-time highs and it's been making record highs and highs and has been on the longest bull run in history so that makes people nervous because nobody wants to be that person who buys in atthe very top and then everything crashes so at this point in the cycle you want to be really careful and it's hard to find good bargains out there so what's agirl to do luckily there's a solution and it's called magic formula investing based on two simple financial metrics earnings yield and return on capital them agic formula filters through the thousands of companies you could investin and it shows you only the stocks that are priced cheaply relative to their earnings potential the idea is that if you're buying good companies for cheapthen your risk is super low because there isn't much room for the stock price to go any lower so it's the magic formula is a really handy stock screenerso that you only get the good deals and not the really expensive ones that arethe first to crash if you want to learn more about the strategy then check outthis little book the little book that build beats the market it's only like150 pages long and as written by a really smart fund manager named Joel Greenblatt he explains the whole strategy step by step and it's all written in plain English I read it in one day and I highly recommend it
 the fifth thing you can do with your money is to invest it in the money marketmaybe you're not ready to invest in the stock market yet maybe you just want top ark your cash somewhere until you decide what you want to do with it thenconsider putting it into what is called a money market fund the money market isa place to park your cash short-term and earn a decent yield of about two to three percent when you invest in the money market you're lending your cash to short-term borrowers meaning loans with maturities around three to six monthsand it's a very safe place to keep cash because there's hardly any interest raterisk and generally very little credit risk so I don't know about you butearning two to three percent on my money is way better than my savings account which I don't know of any savings account that pays very much they're pretty much close to zero the money market is where huge companies like apples and Berkshire Hathaway and a bunch of individual investors like you and meinvest their extra cash when they have extra cash reserves and while 3% is it much it at least helps your cash keep up with inflation so if you ever need thecash you can just get your cash out of your money market fund the next day but meanwhile the money isn't just sitting there doing nothing so it's a reallygood option although there's different ways to invest in the money market Ithink money market funds are the best way for individual's to access it because they're low costs and diversified so that will maximize your return whilereducing your credit risk some popular low-cost money market funds that you canlook into to jumpstart your research are FDL XX & v MF X X these are both big funds that invest in a mix of US government securities
  the sixth thing you can do is to invest in building up your emergency fund I know this is really boring personal finance advice but it's actually really important for investing having an emergency fund gives you a cushion so that you're neverforced to sell your investments just to pay for an unforeseen expense you needto have this cash cushion because you never know what the markets gonna do and the last thing you want is to have to sell them at the worst possible time after a dip in the market just to come up with some cash because if you do haveto sell your investments during a downturn just to come up with cash then you won't be invested in the market any more when it recovers so you'll just love and lock in those losses so since investing success is all about thelong-term and staying in it for the long-term never want to tie up cash that you need for short-term stuff in the stock market because the stock market is a long-term place it's not a short-term place so agood rule of thumb is to have about three months worth of expenses in your energy fund but I know that's a lot so 1,000 even just $1,000 makes a great start emergency fund and then you can always add a little bit to it every month until you have enough to cover you no matter what happens
 number seven another way to invest your $1,000 is to try out one of those realestate crowdfunding platforms traditionally real estate requires agood amount of capital but thanks to crowdfunding technology now you can invest in real estate with just a thousand dollars or even less fundriseis a platform that crowdsources funds online from small investors and it uses that money to buy investment property all over the US what I like about finding and real estate investments in general is that they offer a balance of dividends and growth real estate generates steady income from rents butit also appreciates in value and since I'm young I definitely want growth and the dividends are just a bonus because I can either reinvest them right back intothe fund or spend it on other things the minimum investment at fundrise is only$500 and the whole onboarding process is super easy before you make an investment you can see the photos and addresses of the projects that your money will be invested in you can review the financials and you can even drive by to look at the properties and you can check it out in person tip
 number eight another way to invest your $1,000 its invested in a REIT or a real estate investment trust this is another way to invest in real estate similar tocrowdfu ding but it's actually a reed is a stock it's a stock in a company that owns income producing real estate REITs trade on an exchange just like stocks sothey trade on the same exchange as where Apple and Microsoft and all these big companies that you know about trade but its ownership in a company that ownsreal estate and it's a good way to start dipping your toes into real estate because it's obviously a lot cheaper to buy one share of a REIT than it is tobuy an entire property and because of their focus on income producing properties they're pretty good for people who are looking for dividends butalso want a little bit of growth as well let's have a look at SPG or Simon property Group this is a well known REIT that owns commercial properties all overthe United States and their dividend yield right now is about four and a half price to that means on a $1,000 investment you'll get a dividend checkfor $45 every year the biggest difference between REITs and crowd oneplatforms like fun rise is the transparency and the type of properties and since reeds are publicly traded companies they have much stricter requirements for financial reporting also REITs are required to focus onincome producing properties whereas fund rise deals are allowed to be a littlemore speculative and growth focused
 number nine you can invest in paying down debt okay I know this isn't really an investment in the traditional sensebut when you get rid of debt those monthly payments can go towards building up your investments instead of going towards debt I used to have six figures student debt and my monthly payments were almost a thousand dollars so beforeI got serious about getting out of debt I literally had zero investments zeromo eyes to put towards investments but now that most of its paid off I have anextra like eight hundred dollars every month to save and invest and that's when my investment portfolio really took off on a standard student loan at 6%interest reducing your principal by $1,000 frees up ten dollars of extracash flow a month you can then automate a ten dollar transfer into your investment account every month and boom you're on your way to building up some really good investment habits and to building up your nest eggso if debt is preventing you from being able to consistently put away money towards your savings and investments then the best way to invest your $1000might be to start paying down your debt last but not least the ultimate investment is investing in yourself Einstein once said we can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them in other words the person who has 1 million dollars in the bank is not the same person as the one who has $100 in the bank so to go from A to B you literally need to become a different person and think differently I've invested tens of thousands of dollars in personal development programs meditation retreats workshops online courses coaches you mean it and it's so worth it if I hadn't done that I probably never would have gone out of debt or even started taking action on any of my investing goals when you invest in yourself then you upgrade your mental software so that you can think differently think bigger and breakthroughs any of the invisible and subconsciously barriers that you've youbet you have in your life right now I'll link below to some of the programs that have made a big difference in my life so you can check them out if you're interested if you liked this video hit that subscribe button below and to share this video with your friends so we can open up the conversation around money and build a sisterhood of financially savvy empowered women always remember togo after your dreams unapologetically and to live life on your terms of anyone else's your terms Cheers 


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