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Top 10 Best Netflix original series

 Top 10 Best Netflix original series  Netflix has revolutionized the entertainments dusrey. Netflix is an insanely popular media streaming service that is full of binge worthy shows and movies but they have also created their own original series. So let’s take a look at the top 10 best Netflix original series. Starting us off in at our Number 10 - Master of None . Aziz Ansari writes and stars in this hilarioussitcom that deals with the pressures of everyday life. His character takes on everything from datingapps, cultural stereotyping and trying to figure out his own life. It is absolutely hilarious and there are twoseasons of it currently on Netflix waiting for you to enjoy them.     Number 9 -we have Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt . This is a comedy show about a woman who escapesa doomsday cult after living 15 years in an underground bunker. So Kimmy Schmidt is a 30 year old woman who moves to New York after being rescued and we watch her as she tries to live in the modern world. She is

What is blog ? Explanation to blog, blogging and blogger and how to make mony

What is blog ? Explanation to blog, blogging and blogger and how to make money from blogging

The blog is any website or article which you see on Google after surcharge any word on google

Let's get full idia 
 Hey! Вon't believe what others are sayingblogging is not dead! actually there is no better time to start blogging thantoday because we're living in a digital paced world where do you go to checkreviews before you buy anything even if it's sold in an offline store you firstgo to Google and search for reviews don't you and where do you find the bestwhole organization tips and who gives you all the recipes for your Sundayfamily dinners I bet it's not your grandmaI bet it's some blogger who never met you and who has a fantastic collectionof healthy recipes everyone is learning and purchasing things online nowadaysthat's why it's such a great time to start a blog hi I'm Alice tasiaand you can find my blog at anastasia that's actually a prettynice domain name for a blogger isn't it I'll tell you secret I only chose itbecause when I started my blog I have no clue what
 I was going to write about Iwas lost in choosing the niche so I figured I'mgoing to just put my name on the blog domain and eventually it worked out wellfor me as now Anastasia blogger Descamps sounds like a solid brand name and onthis channel I share my tips for starting a blog in online business fordriving traffic from Pinterest and for making money online if that's what youwant to learn about then subscribe to my channel and hit the bell button so youget notified about my new videos so we're all consumers of online contentand it's not the future it is the reality you might be here right nowbecause you want to start a blog or you already have one but you want to learnhow to make money out of it and I'm probably a good person to talk about making money because
 I am in this game for about three years nowand my blogging income has grown to about twenty or twenty five thousanddollars in monthly income so I know what I'm talking about when I say that youcan make a very good income blogging and I actually made another video with adetailed income report for the month whereI made big money my blog so I'll give you a link to that video in the topright corner and in the description below this video but before you start ablog
 I want to talk about the basics what is a blog actually have to start itand finally how you will make money from itwhat is it blog and what are the benefits of running a blog a blog isconsidered to be an online journal but technically it can be also considered aninformational website it's good for people who want to make money by sharinginformation and also for business owners who want to promote products or servicesonline the content of a blog typically includes texts photos videos animatedgifs illustrations and for graphics and more and I would say there are two maintypes of blocks the first one is blocks created bypeople who call themselves bloggers and the idea is usually to make money on itwith advertising work by selling affiliate products and you shareinformation people read your posts and companies show their ads and you'regetting paid for it this model is great for beginners butdon't get me wrong it's not only for beginners a lot of huge online brandsstarted technically as blogs probably you know names like BuzzFeed TechCrunchthe penny holder and these are all very big publishers making now probably overa million dollars a month with advertising and with sponsored contenton their sites but they all had their humble beginnings as blogs and thesecond big type of blocks is created by companies or maybe people who alreadyhave a business 
 they want to use a blog to connect with their audiencebetter it serves as a platform where you can put all the information about you orabout your business and vlogging is the perfect platform if you want to build astrong community and build trust with your audience with consistent bloggingand with constant production of high-quality posts and information yourbusiness will look more credible and people will start going to your blog foradvice for reading about your products recommendations and more and anotherbenefit of blogging for business especiallyif you're a product focused business is that you can share more detailedinstructions and how to's for your products let's say you have a fashionbrand you can make blog posts with texts and photos about different ways on howyou can style a particular piece of clothing and if you are a beauty or askincare brand you can share a detailed procedure on how you can apply and useyour products in a nutshell you can build awareness and credibilityfor your business or personal brand through blogging and if you ask me whatkind of blog is Anastasia honestly it started as the first type ofblogs
 I was mostly relying on advertising income and on affiliateoffers on my blog in the first year and a half but over time I started addingsome digital products and most of them are printable ebooks and meal plans butI also built my signature digital course that helps others learn how they candrive free organic traffic from Pinterest platformit's called Pinterest SEO traffic secrets and this course and the way Istarted using my blog posts to establish connection with my audience around thetopic of Pinterest marketing all of this moved my blog more towards the secondtype so
 I treated more like a business so when blog is used for growing yourbusiness it becomes the second type of blog andwhat do you need to start a blog you could start a blog on a free bloggingplatform like blogger or WordPress dot-combut I honestly do not recommend doing this because you have a very long anduntrustworthy address of your site if you do so it will look like on it will look something like my favorite recipes and if you have your own domain name it could make it easier tomemorize it because it will be shorter it will be simply my favorite recipescom and the second reason I do not recommend using these free blogginghosting platforms is because you will be limited in lots of ways you won't beable to use all the monetization options you might want to and your website willnot be seen by search engines as a serious candidatefor ranking your pages high in search results and last 
but not least sinceyour website is hosted on a free platform this platform can be shut downany day and all the work will be lost there because your content was publishedon their platform so it's technically doesn't even belong to you what do youneed to do instead well you intend to make money with yourblog down to you so why don't you change your mindset from trying to doeverything for free - thinking of it as of an investment into your business ifyou had to start a business in an offline world in most cases you wouldneed to invest something before you make your first money right luckily withblogging you don't have to invest that much you can start a self-hosted websitemeaning it will be your own domain and the hosting will be an independent paidhosting for about the price of a cup of coffee a month I recommend everyone themost affordable hosting provider that
 I started with as a beginner blogger itcan cost you from two ninety five dollars a month if you use my affiliatelink with a special pricing that Bluehost offers to my subscribers by theway I cannot guarantee that the special pricing will be available forever so youmight want to go in the description below this video and find the link tothis offer while it's still available and before we move on to the next partof this video I just wanted to let you know that if you actually get gotinspired by this video and you decided to start your blog but you're not surehow to actually monetize it and what are the steps of creating a blog or awebsite 
I have a free starter course 7-day free email course that includesalso some videos and you can sign up for this course on the home page of my siteand also I'll give you a link in the top right corner and in the descriptionbelow this video and I also would like to talk about the essential parts of ablog it's very important to understand the parts of your blog so you don't haveany issues whenever you need to customize your theme or change somethingin the code of your blog so I will talk about some fundamental parts of the blogthat every blogger should know about to deliver a seamlessuser experience but I want to note here that you can add or remove some parts ofthe blog that even from those fundamental parts that I will mentionbecause it will all depend on your personal preferences and also on thegoals that you have with your blog just keep in mind whenever you decide toremove some of the blog elements you want to make sure that you're aware ofall the pros and cons of doing this so the first element is basically the yourhome page it's what we're looking at at my side now the home page is where yourvisitors will go if they want to have a quick overview of what your blog isabout and what kind of content you're creating the home page should bevisually attractive and user friendly or else your visitors will quickly leave itand they will not understand h
to navigate through your site and your homepage should also clearly reflect what your blog or what your business is aboutthat's why as you can see on my home page I talked here about my free coursesmy paid courses about all them I also give links to the blog posts related toeither Pinterest marketing tips or just in general blogging tips and I also givelinks to some of the future both the best posts that I believe are the mostimportant on my site and other pages that you can show on your site theimportant ones need to have links to them from the home page I used the topmenu for this so the important pages are the most common ones are about page andon this page you can give and more in-depth introduction about you or aboutyour business you can add some history of your business you can talk about yourvision why you started your website what your blog is about and anything elsethat you find really important to show to your users to explain your story andthe next type of pages is called category pages in this case I'm givingyou I'm giving a link to the blogging category on my site because I find itthe most important for me to show it to my audience this specific categoryof blog posts and so inside this category all the posts that I evercreated related to blogging or to Pinterest tips listed on this categoryand I think that it is essential to add at least one category to your homepagemenu the one that you think is the most important for your audience because itwill help your readers to find related content to relate it to what they'reinterested in and furthermore by adding categories you're helping your olderposts like the ones that are on the page 7 for example be seen and they will notbe buried by hundreds of new posts because users can navigate route throughthis category a lot of blogs also have a special page called contact page and onthis page you will put your contact form you can also add your email address oroffice address and if you have a physical address you know or maybe youroffice hours so your visitors can easily reach out to you in my case
 I prefer tokeep the email address right here on my about page but if you want to have aspecial page that has even a special form where users can instead of givingthem the email address you could just give them a form right on that page youcould use that option as well and then you could have a page called shop I alsogive a link to it in my home page top menu and this only applies to you ifyou're selling your own products it is important to let your visitors know whatthey can easily find and buy through your website so when you're adding thisshop page you can conveniently showcase all kinds of products that you sell onyour side and you can redirect your visitors even to an e-commerce site ifyou're also hosting your ecommerce store on a separate platform a separate domainyou could also use a page from your from your blog you could link to a shop thisway and then another type of pages you could have on your site is either workwith me that's how I called it it could be called courses that could be calledservices and this is somewhat similar to shopthough to the shop page if you're selling online courses or maybe you'reoffering some online services it is best to let your audience know thatimmediately right in your homepage in the top menu so they know that they canbrowse through your site and find a selection of your services and of coursean essential part of any blog site is blog posts a blog post can be either atext article it can include images or infographics or can even include somesome of your videos that you published it maybe even outside of your blogplatform might be on YouTube but you can also include them in your blog post andit is important to know that the more regular y
update or publish your yournew blog posts the better it is because it will make your visitors keep comingback to your website and of course the content of your posts must be related toyour brand obviously so if you are a fashion blog it wouldn't be ideal tosuddenly make a post about cars or technology right so no one will find youcredible that way and you should only post about things in which you haveexpertise and you're comfortable and confident talking about and another veryimportant part of any blog website is blog comments that can be found withinyour blog posts at the at the end at the bottom part of them and it will actuallydepend on you if you want to turn them on or if you want to keep them off but Ijust want you to know that the comments section is one of the top places in yourblog wherein you can build a community and you can engage with your readers soI do suggest turning them on and you can always have if you have worried aboutspam you can have a spam filter on your site especially there on WordPress t
so many plugins to do this you can also manually approve all the incomingcomments so you can filter them out and just add the ones that have no anyspanner links in them and another essential part of any blog as I believeit should be an opt-in form an opt-in form is your subscription form for youremail newsletter this can either be in a form of a pop-upthat shows up on top of your content it can be a widget like this one inside thecontent of your blog post it can be even in a form of a simple banner like thisthat gives you a link to another page where users can opt-in to sign up foryour list I recommend collecting subscribers toyour newsletter the very moment when you start your blog even if you don't sendany newsletters yet because you don't want to miss out on people who mightjust be your potential customers so once you decide to send send out your firstnewsletter you will already have some significant amount of subscribers intoyour list and then of course every site should have a footer you will see at thebottom of your blog post page it can can usually be the same for the home pageand for other pages and usually it includes either the links to someimportant pages like contact page about page privacy policy disclosure pages andalso it may include some links to your social media profiles so the audiencecan continue following you outside of your blog so how do you actually makemoney from your blog I have another video on my channel that covers indetail all the monetization strategies that you can use for your blog includingdisplay ads affiliate marketing selling your own products and services and usingsponsorships and partnerships and as a beginner you will probably need to startwith display ads and affiliate marketing since you don't have your own productsto sell yet and the fastest way of driving traffic in many niches I'm notsaying that in all the niches but in many niches its Pinterest organictraffic and I have lots of videos on this channel that will help you start aPinterest account and drive traffic to your site and if you really want tostart with a step-by-step guide a blueprint and conquer Pinterest platformwithin months then check out my signature program called Pinterest SEOtraffic secrets and I'll give you a link to it in the info icon and also in thedescription below this video now I don't like repeating myself a lot so Iwould say if you want to learn more aboutduration strategies for a blog then check that video that 
I mentioned itwill be in the description below this video as well and I have to tell youthat if you want to create a successful blog that will bring you first sideincome and then probably it can even replace your full-time job you need tobe strategic and think very well about the niche of your blog and the ways thatyou will actually make money with it if you are starting a blog just to writeabout your travel experiences and you hope that random information about thecities you visit it will make you rich and famous then usually this is notgoing to happen you can't write about things that happen in your daily lifeand hope that people will just follow you for your storythis kind of blogging is really in the past and I don't think it was ever muchprofitable to be honest so to make a profitable blog you need to offer usersanswers and solutions for their problems and in my next video I will cover themost profitable niches that are great for starting a blog or a website thisyear so if you want to learn more you need to subscribe and hit the bellbutton to get notified about my new videos and if you found this videouseful then give me a thumbs up and leave your comments and your questionsbelow this video and have a great one I will see you in the next videos 
But the best part you can also read details about Adsense and affiliate marketing for that click on make mony surch it and get it 


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