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Guest blogging

Guest blogging : site's, meaning and example So what is guest blogging it is bloging in which you go to anyone blog and give it an article If you are blogger and Posting 3 article in week then you are not guest blogger but if you are posting 1 at week then you should try best bloging
How to be gest blogger? Do you want to be featured on Entrepreneur,Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine? That's all possible through guest blogging. Hey, everyone, I'm Neil Patel. Today, I'm going to go over if you shouldleverage guest blogging. The first thing you need to know is guestblogging is better for B2B than it is for B2C. If you're in a B2C niche, you probably shouldn'twaste your time with guest blogging. For B2B, it's amazing, it's great, it worksextremely well. Here's the next thing you need to consider. If you can blog at least two to three timesa week, you should ideally do that on your own blog, because you can grow your trafficbase. After a year, it will continu…

Top 10 movie franchise 2020

Top 10 movie franchise 2020

Hi friends to day we are going to an updated up view of top 10 movie franchise 

While toking to ten movie franchise we are going to get letest news about that and top movies and also ther fans so let's check it
  1.  Marvel cinematic universe- Marvel cinematic and comic universe is very big and due to its connection in many movies it make Marvel Number 1
  2. Star war- star war is also very old comic Franchise but because of its existence in super hero and sci-fi movie
  3. Avenger - Avenger is most popular franchise you also known that it is part of Marvel cinematic universe but due to its name constantly in movies it make it new franchise

  4. Harry Potter-  Harry Potter I guarantee that you know please franchise because most popular franchise when the movie franchise are rising up because of its medicine view and it's Sci-Fi and comedy this franchise grown up now only another movie of this franchise is also coming so wait for that
  5. Spider man - spider man is also part of Marvel cinematic universe and Marvel comics universe but spider man is in between sony also that's why many movies of this character are present so let's wish it will be good after some years
  6. X-Men- It's going very dramatic this year but at last this franchise also go in Marvel cinematic universe before it is present in fox studios 
  7. Fast and furious- this is my personal favourite franchise because of its actions and fast speed it also being big and better
  8. The lord of Ring- this is super series and very good not talk about I don't like this........! Hum 
  9. DC excitation universe- this movie version of DC comics universe is not going very well but after new movies coming it going well and after Snider cut it is going to change all top 10 list of movies and it's franchise
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