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Top 10 Best Netflix original series

 Top 10 Best Netflix original series  Netflix has revolutionized the entertainments dusrey. Netflix is an insanely popular media streaming service that is full of binge worthy shows and movies but they have also created their own original series. So let’s take a look at the top 10 best Netflix original series. Starting us off in at our Number 10 - Master of None . Aziz Ansari writes and stars in this hilarioussitcom that deals with the pressures of everyday life. His character takes on everything from datingapps, cultural stereotyping and trying to figure out his own life. It is absolutely hilarious and there are twoseasons of it currently on Netflix waiting for you to enjoy them.     Number 9 -we have Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt . This is a comedy show about a woman who escapesa doomsday cult after living 15 years in an underground bunker. So Kimmy Schmidt is a 30 year old woman who moves to New York after being rescued and we watch her as she tries to live in the modern world. She is

Top 10 Engineering college in india 2020-2021

Top 10 Engineering college in india 2020-2021

What is Engineering

 we in the advanced nations live in alargely man-made world. everything that you use in day to day life like yoursmartphone, laptop, car are all products of the engineering enterprise. we aresurrounded by engineering practically every moment of our lives so what is theexact definition of engineering? well, engineering is a scientific fieldand job that involves taking our scientific understanding of the naturalworld and using it to invent, design, and build things to solve problems andachieve practical goals. this can include the development of roads, bridges, carsplanes, machines, tools, processes and computers. 
other words we can sayengineering is acknowledged as a discipline that opens up opportunitiesand creates technology and products that help make our lives easier. engineers areshaping the future by applying their skills to almost everything you canthink of from medicine to renewable energy, food technologies to sustainablemining, there really is no limit what engineers can do.
 history of Engineering.the concept of engineering existed since ancient times as humans devisedfundamental inventions such as the pulley lever and wheel. each of theseinventions is consistent with the modern definition of engineering. the wordengineer has its root in the word engine which comes from the latin word 'Ingenium'which means innate quality particularly of mental power and thus the wordengineer emerged as a person who creates nifty and practical inventions branches of engineering - today the fieldof engineering offers more career choices than any other discipline. in thepast there were only four major engineering branches which includemechanical, chemical, civil and electrical. however; since the human race has beenswiftly advancing with regards to technology new branches of engineeringare being developed. engineering jobs can now also be found widely in the computerengineering, software engineering, nanotechnology, mechatronics and manymore... what do engineers do - the field ofengineering is so vast that is very hard to define exactly what an engineer does.yes, engineers still build skyscrapers design machinery, develop software andoversee public works but that's only the beginningthey also address society's needs and problems on a number of other scaleswith a unique blend of technology and science.
 at the atomic level materialengineers are developing data storage techniques focusing on the spin ofelectrons in atoms, at the molecular level chemical and bio engineers areworking on drug delivery systems that work inside cells, at the macro levelenvironmental engineers are quantifying the particle flow of pollutants throughsoil to better understand how to clean up abandoned industrial sites, oil spillsand other bio hazards, and at the Galactic level astronomical engineersare designing spacecraft for other world exploration.
 work environment - theworkplace of an engineer depends on the type of engineer, their actual jobdescription, and the company they work for. many engineers work in an officeenvironment. some work in industrial plants, others may spend time outdoors atconstruction sites and some engineers travel extensively to plants or worksites here and abroad. many engineers work a standard 40hour/week at timesdeadlines or design standards may bring extra pressure to a job.skills required for engineering - most aspiring engineers will need at least abachelor's degree more probably a master's degree from an engineeringschool. besides a proper educational background and relevant technicalexperience you will need to demonstrate many soft skills, knowledge of the coresubject, application of knowledge analytical and creative thinking andfamiliarity with industry standards in order to get and keep a good job. pros ofengineering - engineering degrees usually dominate the best college degrees listsit's a bit easier to get a job with an engineering degree than with ahumanities degree. engineering jobs pay well and are more stable than most othercareers, also there is a wide variety of job opportunities. if you like solvingproblems then the right engineering job will keep you busy happy. you wouldfinally know how things work in real life. you would finally learn the scienceor engineering behind all machines. you can design and implement your owncreation. Engineers often escalate to management positions and earnexcellent money over the life of their careers. if a career and research isinteresting; an engineering degree can pave the way to further study andunderstanding of high-level maths gives a greater understanding of the worldaround you and application of this to real problems can be very satisfying.abundant job opportunities worldwide.  the world will always get more technicallyadvanced and we'll need more engineers. cons of engineering - the engineering can be quite difficult if you don't have the aptitude for it then youmight not be able to get through it. the cost for college will be relativelyhigh. the amount of stuff you learn at university is negligible to what you doin industry, in industry you'll probably solve a problem that's never beenencountered before. you need to keep learning new stuff to stay current inyour field.
 the work can be stressful especially when the equipment orstructure has a potential to impact human life. long work hours. it's hard tomaintain a good work/life balance in the initial phase of an engineering load can be unpredictable and at times very high. need to do a lot of hardwork during studies and also after studies until you get settled in a goodjob. even after that you have to continue your hard work to keep up with thelatest technology. studying never stops. well, don't be scared it's not thatdifficult as it looks to keep up with the latest technology. the bottom line isyou have to enjoy it, if you like tinkering with electronics, writingcomputer programs, building Lego robotics or taken apart engines then you mightenjoy being an engineer. it's a tough decision to make when you're young butreach out and try to talk to some real engineers if you're thinking about acareer in engineering Thank you for watching!  

Top colleges in India fot Engineering

  1. Indian Institute of Technology Madras 89.93
  2. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi  88.5
  3.  india Institute of Technology Bombay85.08
  4. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur82.18
  5. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur80.56
  6. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee76.29
  7. Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati74.9
  8. Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad66.44
  9. National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli64.11
  10. Indian Institute of Technology Indore62.88


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