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Guest blogging

Guest blogging : site's, meaning and example So what is guest blogging it is bloging in which you go to anyone blog and give it an article If you are blogger and Posting 3 article in week then you are not guest blogger but if you are posting 1 at week then you should try best bloging
How to be gest blogger? Do you want to be featured on Entrepreneur,Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine? That's all possible through guest blogging. Hey, everyone, I'm Neil Patel. Today, I'm going to go over if you shouldleverage guest blogging. The first thing you need to know is guestblogging is better for B2B than it is for B2C. If you're in a B2C niche, you probably shouldn'twaste your time with guest blogging. For B2B, it's amazing, it's great, it worksextremely well. Here's the next thing you need to consider. If you can blog at least two to three timesa week, you should ideally do that on your own blog, because you can grow your trafficbase. After a year, it will continu…

Top 10 bridges in world

Top 10 bridges in world 2020 (big, butiful)

  hello my friends welcome to another blog  of the knowledge today we are going to explore some of the most insane bridgesthat have the most advanced architectural design around the world sosit back relax and enjoy the video on fullscreen 

number 10

 terrifying bridgesterrifying bridges are those bridges that can terrify people the Ashima Ohashi is a Japanese bridgesimilar to a rollercoaster bridge with terrifying experience that connects thetwo Japanese cities Matsui and Sakai minato constructed with a high span inorder to allow the passage of boat traffic it is a shortcut to vomitingfrom nausea making driving over this thing one seriously thrilling car rideit is one of the most spectacular bridges in the world another terrifyingbridge is a Zhang Jia Jie Grand Canyon glass bridge that is the world's longestand highest glass-bottom bridge this bridge is a suspension bridge and thereis no steel structure it is made entirely of glass this bridge isdesigned by Tel Aviv's based architect Haim Gautam and surprisingly this bridgehas some advanced pressure sensitive glasses that are randomly installed onthe bridge the glass appears to shatter under your feet and you can even hearthe sound of glass breaking as a visitor walks on it the cracking effect is socool when it opens officials to have a car full of people across the bridgeknow how safe the glass was just pay $21 to enjoy this bridge 

number 9 

the Ponte Vecchio is a medieval stoneclosed spandrel segmental arch bridge over the Arno River in Florence Italydesigned by 16th century architect George EO Vasari the Ponte Vecchiowas designed in part as a defensive structure to launch defensive attacks onenemy ships it is one of the best tourist attractions in Italy thepleasant atmosphere surrounding here with the cafes street artists expensivejewelry stores restaurants and bars 

number 8 

moses bridge this bridge isbuilt in the 17th century as a historic Fortress of defence in Netherlands isfine by row and ad architects the design of this miraculous bridge is inspired bythe famous biblical story of prophet Moses when he saved his Jewish nationfrom Pharaoh's army by dividing miel River in two parts the Moses bridgegives visitors a unique opportunity to pass through parted waters in the fielda miraculous experience the bridge is made from sustainable accesstechnologies Akoya wood that is completely waterproof here floodingwould not be an issue so don't worry because the height of the water iscontrolled by adjustable dams on both sides of the moat so relax and enjoythis experience

 number 7

illuminating bridges thesetypes of bridges are decorated with colorful lights in an artistic mannerwith a little bit of technology the bamboo bridge is an illuminating bridgewhich also is known as the Rainbow Bridge situated in South Korea this isthe world's longest fountain bridge because spraying nozzles are installedacross 570 meters of length the nozzles can spray water in differentconfigurations with music and lightly FEX the bridge surely converts yourblack and white life into colorful euphoria interestingly there are so manywater pumps and each pump passes 200 tons of water in every minute anotheraward-winning illuminating bridge is high trestle trail art bridge situatedin Iowa this bridge is ten feet wide and 25 miles long that is open to bicycleswalkers runners and skaters designed by an engineering firm Snyder & Associatesincorporated interestingly the LED fixtures are installed at a uniformdistance on rotating square frames if you drive the car on this bridge andwithout a doubt you will get a psychological illusion that these lightsrotate when you move forward this is the coolest experience that you can wish toenjoy 

number 6

 moving bridges the first example of a moving bridge isrolling bridge from Heather Wake Studios situated in London this bridge conceivedby Britain's most significant designers Thomas Heather wick and completed in2004 its main function is curling which is inspired by a tale of the roboticdinosaur in Jurassic Park while regular bridge opens in two parts that's why itis an unusual and beautiful piece of sculptural art this 12th metres longbridge made up of eight hinged sections with hydraulic rams integrated into thehandrail between each section it can be controlled remotely and the motion canbe stopped at any point another example of a moving bridge isthe fan bridge it's design is inspired by Japanesefolding fan the fan bridge is unveiled at merchants square and designed bybridge specialist and Knight architects the fan bridge consists of five beams oftwenty meters length and each beam rises at different angles in ascending orderby means of Hydra Jack's fan bridge in action on Wednesdays and Fridays at 12o'clock noon n

Number 5

  This bridge is named after JJ's flowerhoof the famous poet located in the city of Leo Arthur in the Netherlandsconstructed over Harlington bart river by vendor eel mechatronic ax in 2000 byusing only iron and steel this deck is 15 by 15 meters and dimensioninterestingly it can be quickly and efficiently raised and lowered from onepylon within two to three minutes that allows water traffic to quickly pass thebridge is raised and lowered about ten frames a day that gives us the feelingof watching our real transformers movie 

Number 4

 LM gateway this iconicbridge is now Denmark's modern identity the Steven Holl architects has won theinternational design competition for this fascinating bridgeLM gateway this public walkway suspension bridge is 65 metres above theharbour an iconic landmark for Copenhagen's waterfront the bridgeconnects two towers and meet at an angle that looks like a person doing ahandshake over the harbour

 number 3

 Falkirk wheel this bridge is anengineering masterpiece and a unique rotating bridge of its kind it is namedafter the town of Scotland and connecting the fourth and Clyde canalwith the Union Canal and completed in 2002 this Falkirk wheel transport shipsbetween the lower canal and upper canal the height difference of both canals isequivalent to an eight story building the wheels diameter is 35 meters thatrotates on a central axis the weight balanced on both sides of gondolasshould be the same for smoother rotation despite each gondola filled with waterand having the capacity of 80,000 Imperial gallons but when boats come tothe first side the weight of the boat displaces water to maintain balance onboth sides interestingly it has 30.2 horsepower electric motors that areextremely power efficient by utilizing just 1.5 kilowatts of energy which is the same amount of energy that can boil eight cattles of water truly this bridgeis wonderful

 number 1

 portable bridges foldable mobile bridge from company10-fold engineering an affordable bridge solution that canbe deployed anywhere cool

 number 1

 what will you do if you have toconstruct a river bridge in just 30 minutesdon't worry because now we have motorized floating bridge from a defensecompany called cnam it is a great solution for crossing the water gaps forheavy MLSE 80 class vehicles it is a great modular and motorized bridge thatcan be used in various military operations as well as rescue civiliansduring natural disasters a team of 33 train personnel is required to construct100 metres long bridge in just a half an hour on the water the bridge modules areautonomous and motorized and can be assembled easily and quickly owing to360 degree manoeuvrability the pfm can be deployed as either a continuousfloating bridge or as a self-propelled ferry enabling vehicles to cross thebridge fortunately because if its rugged design is reliable in the field andrequires very little maintenance thanks for watching which bridge do you findthe most interesting let me know in the comments if you are new here then feelfree to subscribe and don't miss our latest video by clicking on the bellicon I will catch you in my next video peace 


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